Pool Tile Ideas: Refresh Your Backyard Now

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Have you been seeking inexpensive pool tile ideas and an easy way to modify the aesthetic of your pool? When the summer heat is at its peak, a fabulous, clean pool might feel like a haven. Unfortunately, while many pools are attractive and inviting in their first few years, the colors fade over time, fractures form in the basin and pavers surrounding the pool, and tiles crack or fall off.

Some homeowners may consider a pool restoration to be a significant project, but it is pretty quick and straightforward for experienced pool builders in AZ. The best part is that you’ll have a pool that looks brand new again, but you’ll also reap a slew of other benefits you didn’t realize you’d get from renovating your pool.

The highlight of your backyard is your swimming pool. It’s also a long-term fixture you’ll have to deal with. Therefore, it is critical to design your pool with high-quality materials that complement your home’s style, and modern pool tiling provides both.

This article will go over pool tile ideas for upgrading your pool near Scottsdale, Arizona.

Different Pool Tile Materials

A swimming pool without tiling is difficult to envision. However, the proper pool tile may elevate your design to the next level, whether striving for a minimalist-meets-industrial appearance or an extravagant tropical retreat.

However, beautiful pool tile is more than meets the eye. Tile not only adds a splash of color or a unique, eye-catching texture to your pool, but it also protects the finish, especially near the waterline, where stains and mineral buildup can cause maintenance issues.

Of course, there are many pool tile options; are you looking for concrete, ceramic tiles or a mosaic of small glass tiles? Do you like contemporary or traditional pool tile? Is price a consideration? What size pool tile most appeals to you?

Benefits of Pool Tiles

Swimming pool tiles are both protective and attractive. Glass, mural, glazed, mosaic, pebble, stone, porcelain, and slate pool tiles come in limitless colors and sizes. Pool tiles allow you to add fresh and unique designs to the pool’s overall look.

If you own a swimming pool, you must understand the necessity of routine maintenance and repairs to keep it in good working order. For example, every pool owner must deal with fractured pool tiles. Tiles fracture and fall off frequently, and you may need to replace them. To maintain the beauty of the swimming pool, pool tile replacement entails replacing broken, crumbled, or fallen tiles.

If traditional pool design doesn’t pique your interest, the endless possibilities of pool tiling will. Pool tiling allows you to mix and match colors and patterns to create unique designs that suit your style and budget. You can go all out with a top-to-bottom inlaid tile design or go for a magnificent waterline tile design with subtle detail or a lot of individuality.

Pool tile is one of the most lasting pool materials on the market. Concrete is strong and long-lasting, yet it lacks style. Vinyl liners can break and become brittle over time if exposed to direct sunlight or a combination of sunlight and cold. Plus, pool tile comes in various styles and materials, like glass and porcelain, making it even easier to pick an attractive alternative.

For decades, pool tiling has been widespread, both at the waterline and throughout the pool. The following are some of the advantages of using tiles:

  • Longevity, they are long-lasting, attractive, and withstand the test of time.
  • Because of the reflections, pool tiling allows you to have even more control over the color of your pool water.
  • Get a high-end look with tiling, which comes in a variety of colors and designs.
  • Cleaning is more straightforward when compared to pebbles; the surface is smoother and easier to clean.
  • Between the waterline and the coping base, it removes the effect of a dry or washed-out appearance.
  • Full tile lining is also gentler on the feet.

Why Should You Hire Professionals to Renovate Your Pool?

Professional pool builders in AZ should always be relied upon for pool restorations. While completing the task yourself may be less expensive, you will never be able to reach the same level of perfection or professional refinement that a service provider can.

When it comes to pool renovations and repairs, only the best should be trusted. Sun Valley Pool has delivered the best pool renovation services in Scottsdale, Arizona.

5 Modern Pool Tile Designs For Every Aesthetic 

1. Boldly Blue Tiles

There’s nothing wrong with keeping pool tile designs and ideas simple. However, the simplest and most elegant designs often work best for a modern style.

Solid blues in shades from dark navy to light and iridescent blues are popular for pool areas because they blend in well with the water. 

The blue reflection can also aid pool safety by allowing you to determine the depth of the water and the location of the side walls. Another popular color combination is white, with varying colored grouting in between to provide deep texture.

A blue tile design can combine the traditional aesthetic you enjoy with a modern twist because blue is the archetypal pool color. Make a statement with a deep blue or ice-cold tint that can cool you down before your toes even hit the water. 

There’s no denying that blue is a classic pool tile color, and there’s no shortage of blue tiles to choose from, with so many tints, shapes, and styles. But, of course, the true challenge is to decide which of your favorites to utilize in your Arizona pool.

2. Dark and Daring Tiles/Monochromatic Tiles

Don’t let your modern home design style end at the door. Completing your modern outdoor refuge will be a walk in the park with these smart and creative black pool tile ideas. Monochromatic tiling can be your best option if you desire a simplistic, minimalist appearance.

The fact that it is monochrome does not imply that customization options are limited. For your pool, you can choose monochrome tiles in various colors. As the name suggests, Monochrome tiles offer your pool a clean and uniform appearance.

Eggshell, grey, taupe, or the commonly used blue are all reasonably neutral colors. Alternatively, you can choose colors like black, brown, or navy to give your pool a unique look and feel.

For some, this may imply light and airy. Others may associate modern with dark and dangerous. However, these profound dark pool tile design ideas will merge easily with your overall style if you favour the latter.

3. Custom Pool Mosaic Tiles

A custom pool mosaic tiles shout new and modern. Adding visual appeal and personality to your inground pool by using pool tiles and mosaics is a fun and lovely method to do so. Pool tiles and mosaics are not only beautiful, but they’re also sturdy and long-lasting, which means less upkeep and maintenance.

Create a custom geometric pattern or even a family crest with gorgeous glass tile mosaic inlays and swim with dolphins, turtles, and tropical fish. Handcrafted mosaic tile inlays allow you to tailor your pool to your preferences and style, making even the pool floor exciting and unique.

Choose the size, color, and design of your mosaic tile inlay, and we’ll work with you to create a unique piece of art for your pool.

Swimming pool mosaics have always been a popular choice for pools, and this trend is expected to continue in 2022.

Everyone has a mosaic style, from playful dolphins and turtles to sophisticated medallions and even personalized patterns!

The turtle collection might be just for you if you like sea life. Over 50 sea turtle pool mosaics are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and positions, including a few swimming with mermaids; a great way to add some fun and character to your AZ pool.

4. Dress Up Your Pool Waterline

Perhaps a pool covered in tile from top to bottom is out of your price range. That’s fine. There are many fantastic modern pool waterline tile options for adding subtle decoration to the top of your pool surround.

Do you want to include a favorite flower, color, shape, or pattern in your pool design?

A bespoke waterline tile can incorporate your particular preferences to create a one-of-a-kind modern pool waterline tile design that you could only imagine. 

Swimming pool tiles with a waterline give more than simply flair to your outdoor space. They are essential in the care and maintenance of your pool. 

Waterline pool tile is often set as a 6-inch band around the perimeter of your pool to prevent pollen, sunscreen, body oils, and other items that enter the water from forming a yellow, scummy line at the pool’s waterline. Consider it a larger version of a “bathtub ring.” Unfortunately, scrubbing it off the bare plaster is far more complex than removing it off the waterline tile.

While waterline pool tiles serve a crucial function, their importance as a design element cannot be overlooked. The possibilities are unlimited, with many color variations, textures, and formats. There’s something for everyone to create their paradise, from subway tile to blue mosaic tile.

5. Play with Pattern

If you want to be more graceful and creative, patterned tiles are an option for your swimming pool. With patterned tile designs, you can personalize your pool on any budget.

Traditional designs such as rectangular, hexagonal, herringbone, or zig-zag tiles might be used if you wish to keep things simple. These are frequently inexpensive while still offering a nice look for your pool.

If you want to be more adventurous, go for more detailed designs that will make the pool even more elegant. There are potentially limitless styles to pick from, and with enough money and imagination, you can spice up your pool.

A pattern can provide depth, character, and intrigue to any room, including your pool. So when it comes to using patterns in your modern pool tile design, the sky’s the limit.

Repeating geographic forms or patterns is essential in establishing a stylistic statement. Choose complicated tile patterns to enhance the overall appearance of your swimming pool whenever you feel it needs a facelift.

Swimming pool tiles in tile patterns such as modular, herringbone, chevron, hexagon, and linear can help you create a beautiful Arizona swimming pool. In addition, installing pool tiles in smaller patterns will give your pool a trendy appeal.

Deco, Diamond, Spanish, Subway, or Rectangular mosaic tiles are excellent options if you like a more traditional look. You may obtain a more contemporary look for your pool by using more prominent tile patterns.

To Wrap Up

Getting a swimming pool for your home is unquestionably a statement of wealth. However, it has numerous practical advantages and the apparent attractiveness of your home.

After a long day at work, relaxing by a pool may be a blissful experience. You can also burn calories by swimming laps in it. At the very least, a pool can improve the general atmosphere of your backyard!

However, tiling the pool will make it more vivid. As a result, this brief post aims to bring you up to speed on the current pool tile trends. And now that we’ve concluded, we hope we’ve been able to assist you.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with a professional after reading this information, don’t hesitate to contact us. Arizona residents have relied on Sun Valley Pools for many years for high-quality pools, tiles, and accessories.

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