Pool Remodeling: Tips & Considerations to Know Before You Start

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Have you given any thought of renovating your swimming pool? The process of pool remodeling requires extensive planning and careful consideration of one’s financial resources. A makeover may breathe new life into your pool. Whether you’re replacing tiles, extending it, or just updating the pump and filters.

However, it’s a major project overall. It’s tempting to dive headfirst, thinking you can get it over with quickly and return to enjoying your pool. The goal of getting your pool swimmable as soon as possible is undisputed, but it is also necessary to prepare ahead. It’s not always easy or cheap to update a pool.

It can go on for a very long time if you aren’t well prepared. When remodeling a pool, quality beats speed every time. Renovations to swimming pools can range from minor adjustments to significant structural alterations. However, no matter how large the task is, it is essential to prepare for it ahead of time.

When It’s Time to Remodel Your Pool

For those wondering if it’s time for a redesign, there are a few “signs” to keep an eye out for:

  • If your pool has mechanical or structural problems, you may consider remodeling it;
  • Leaks and outdated appliances such as drains, filtration systems, and pump systems;

Likewise, if you’re tired of the current look of your pool, remodeling could be the answer. A similar rule applies if the stairs, handrails, or walls of your pool are starting to appear a little worn.

Owning a Pool: What You Need to Know

If you hire Sun Valley Pools AZ to do your pool remodeling, you can relax knowing we will do the work quickly and reasonably. Additionally, our experienced staff can provide advice and details to help you get ready for a pool renovation. Nonetheless, before diving in, you should know a few things as a pool owner.

The Distinction Between Pool Repair and Remodeling

It’s common for people who own pools and have plans to either repair them or give them a complete makeover to be unaware of the distinctions between good pool remodeling and shoddy pool repair work.

In plainer language, the term “Pool Remodeling” refers to the process of renovating an existing pool or giving it a completely new appearance. Pool Repairing, on the other hand, refers to performing maintenance or repair work on a particular section of the pool.

Prime Timing for Home Renovations

Performing work on a pool renovation during the off-season, which often begins in the early spring, is the best time to get the job done. In addition, it gives the owner of a pool the option to continue utilizing the pool throughout the summer without causing them any more work or inconvenience.

Maintaining a Low Price for Pool Maintenance

It is possible to reduce the amount spent on repairs by consistently adhering to a select few cleaning practices. Among them are sanitizing the facilities, keeping the filters clean, and ensuring enough circulation.

Other things that need to be taken care of include routinely doing a thorough cleaning of the baskets, ensuring that all of the valves are sufficiently lubricated, and setting the timers appropriately.

Summer Maintenance Procedures

The impending arrival of summer brings with it the inevitable reminder that it’s time to clean the filters, open the pools for swimming, and inspect them thoroughly for any faults. In addition to these necessities, you’ll need to clean the pool, treat algae growth, and replace the pool’s equipment.

The Dimensions of the Pool

When it comes to developing a budget for the project to reconstruct the pool, having prior knowledge of the pool’s dimensions is a crucial component. It provides an accurate estimate of the total expenditure that has to be handled.

Post-Water Startup

The specific characteristics of the Pool being utilized will determine the total amount of time required for the post-water restart procedure and the steps involved in carrying it out. For example, if someone is using a plastered pool, the post-water startup process will take slightly longer because of the additional time needed to match the acidic nature with the water’s pH level. This is due to the time taken to reach the acidic nature of the water’s pH level.

The Basics of Pool Remodeling

If you want to complete a task quickly and efficiently, you must have a thorough understanding of the task at hand and the resources necessary to complete the task. The process of preparing to remodel a pool in Arizona, CA, might seem daunting, but it’s a terrific way to update an old pool and increase your home’s worth. If you want to renovate your pool but aren’t sure where to begin, it’s a good idea to consult with experts in the field for guidance.

Learn more about your pool’s potential for improvement here.

Construction of a New Spa

A common motivation for pool renovation is the desire to enhance the user experience. Including a spa in your pool is a wonderful approach to achieving this goal. One example of such an improvement would be the installation of a spa or sauna.

By installing modern spa features, you can make the most of your pool while giving yourself and your loved ones a place to unwind after a strenuous swim. Spas, naturally, may also be relaxing and rejuvenating for the senses.

Modifying the Form of Your Swimming Pool

Redesigning your pool’s outline to fit your backyard’s aesthetic is another option open to you when you undertake a remodeling job. When modifying a pool’s layout, some homeowners opt to make the pool bigger or smaller in footprint.

Increasing the size of your pool will allow you to include all of the amenities you’ve been dreaming of while decreasing it will likely free up more usable yard space like that outdoor kitchen or new patio.

Adding Decorative Tiles

Changing the tiles in your pool can also have a significant impact on the pool’s aesthetic value. For a one-of-a-kind design that won’t break the bank, consider mosaic tiles, which have recently gained popularity for these reasons. There is a wide variety of tiles to choose from, so you may get any desired aesthetic.

Installation of Water Features

Remodeling your pool to include water elements can elevate your time spent there to a new level. Here are some water feature concepts to think about:

  • Water Slides;
  • Waterfalls;
  • Scuppers.

Lighting Up Your Pool

Lighting your pool is essential for safety, but it also has the potential to create a relaxing atmosphere. Some of the best advantages of a modern lighting system are remote control of the lights’ hue and brightness. In addition, while doing laps, nighttime swimmers notably benefit from having adequate lighting around the pool so they can see the edge clearly.

The Value of Pool Remodeling

Renovating your pool may seem daunting, but your enhancements can make your time spent swimming and lounging by the pool significantly more enjoyable. An incentive that should not be disregarded is the opportunity to fix any functioning flaws. 

Repairing these issues will not only improve the state of your pool in the here and now, but they will also forestall the development of more troubles in the future and ensure that it remains in the greatest shape possible for many years to come. 

If you intend to sell your home at some point in the future, one of the best things you can do to increase its worth is to ensure that your swimming pool is in immaculate shape. In the end, it will always be worth the problematic remodeling effort if you can wow your guests and make summer more enjoyable for everyone. 

The most apparent benefit of pool renovation is increased security. In addition, it can improve the smoothness of the pool’s walls and floor. In turn, this can provide you with greater calm. 

While it’s true that upgrading your pool may incur some up-front costs, you can end up saving money in the long term by extending the life of your pool and reducing the need for expensive maintenance in the future. 

Better energy efficiency could save you money, so consider updating your pool equipment as part of your renovation project.

How Much is a Pool Remodeling Going to Cost?

It’s essential to get an estimate of how much a pool remodel will cost before beginning work. Having a budget in place is important to avoid this from spiraling out of control as the renovation proceeds. Researching such costs provides a ballpark approximation of the going fee for such services from contractors.

It’s easy to get a price estimate if you’re considering hiring a pool remodeling provider. If you’re doing it yourself, you’ll need to measure your pool to determine how much stuff you’ll need. The time it will take to complete the renovation is another consideration. 

Because your time has value, you should weigh the opportunity cost of completing the work yourself against the expense of hiring experts. Once you have a solid estimate for the expense of doing it yourself or hiring someone else, you should include some extra money in case something goes wrong. 

Your pool renovation might go off without a hitch, but issues always lurk around the corner. When renovating, it’s never a good sign when you’re halfway through the project to find out you’ve already spent all of your money. You may not have enough time to finish the pool before the summer.

Renovating Your Pool: When to Do It

Timing is everything when it comes to renovating a swimming pool. Unfortunately, one common mistake is to put off renovations until the last minute. You realize that summer is rapidly approaching, and you want to ensure your pool is in tip-top shape before the influx of visitors. It’s an excellent idea, but summer is the worst season to begin work on a pool renovation. 

When you want to start, that is something you should think about in advance. When choosing outside contractors, it is crucial to consider both their availability and their pricing. Pool builders are usually busiest from October to March, so the timing of their hiring is crucial. But if you’re performing the work yourself, you might as well take advantage of the milder weather in the spring to get your new pool ready for the summer.

After Pool Maintenance

When planning a pool renovation, it’s essential to think about the upkeep required after the work is done. If you’ve recently installed new equipment, you should familiarize yourself with its upkeep requirements. Maintaining its quality requires this attention.

The easiest way to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your pool is to become acquainted with the proper maintenance procedures. Even the best pool remodels will only endure as long as the upkeep follows them. It is important to you that the quality of your pool renovation last for many years to come.

Hiring a pool cleaning service can help you remain on top of this kind of routine maintenance. However, you should pick up your maintenance after you make substantial modifications so that it stays in the same condition as when you finished the work.

Working with an Expert Team Is Essential

If you’ve already given that some thought, then you should be ready to begin redesigning your pool. This is not a simple endeavor and will necessitate careful preparation. But if you succeed, you’ll have a pool that looks and feels brand new. The typical pool can be brought up to date with a refurbishment, but it must be done properly.

These are the primary considerations that must be made prior to beginning a pool remodeling project. Providers of Pool Remodeling in Sun Valley Pools, AZ, are the greatest option since they reduce the stress of the project on the pool owners and guarantee that they will finish it on time and methodically. Our pool design specialists can help you realize any pool design idea. In order to best serve you, we will tailor our consulting and design process to your unique requirements. Request your free quote on the form below.

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